Terms & Conditions

1 - Color Matching to Proofs.
All colors will be printed as closely as possible to the proof file. However we do not guarantee exact color match to the proof. The color match is guaranteed to be within 80-90%. Keep in mind that your monitor may not be calibrated properly, thus we reference color matching to our monitors, or any other monitor calibrated according to printing standards. Aika image does not take any responsibility for color match for the final product with reference to the proof file. Such restrictions are in place strictly due to differences in equipment, processing, proof substrates, paper, inks, pigments, and other important variables.


2 - Turnaround.
From the start date of design process, it generally takes a day to come up with design. This time may vary according to our priority line, and sometimes can take up to a week. To make corrections for design generally takes five hours, depending on complexity of change. Due to priority line and complexity, changes to design can be delayed for up to a week. After design has been approved, it takes us one full working day to compile printable file. Usually the next day we initiate printing process. Printing takes minimum of 5 business days, and up to two weeks, with average turnaround time of one week. Delivery time differs according to your locations. Most often deliveries are made on Mondays. Due to this lengthy process turnaround time cannot be set. Please reserve plenty of time for your project to be realized.


3 - Design Process & Artwork Correction.
Customer is able to make up to three corrections for his artwork file. Given that corrections have been submitted in form of an email letter, and broken down in to clear directions. If a customer had submitted corrections more then three times, and still dissatisfied with outcome; we have the right to stop the work, and keep deposit in amount of 30% of the price of an order. In order for us to cover costs of designer’s time and work, such restrictions were necessary.


4 - Payment
Payment for the order is broken down in to two parts. First part is a depository payment in amount of 50% from the total price of a given order. We reserve the right to keep 50% of depository payment under the conditions and reasons listed in paragraph (Design Process & Artwork Corrections). The second part 50% of the payment will be charged after the completion of print work. Payment can be made in form of PayPall, Cash, Certified Check.

5 - Printing at another company.
Due to the reason that quality of print depends on differences in equipment, processing, proof substrates, paper, inks, pigments, qualification of workers, and other important variables, which are out of our control; we do not take any responsibility for the quality outcome products. Print our files at another companies at your own risk.


6 - Errors post approval of artwork.
We do not take any responsibly in correcting grammatical, contextual, or any other errors and change of ideas, after approval of artwork by a customer. Such is the case due to the fact that print process has been already initiated and can not be reversed.

7 - Ownership of Artwork.
For products that have design and printing price merged together, we have the right not to give out artwork files. Due to the reason that price for design in such cases has been dramatically reduced. Artwork files however can be purchased form us at an additional charge.

8 - File provided by customer
File provided by customer can have hidden errors, and can be not suited for a given print equipment. Therefore we can not guarantee any quality outcome.